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BETA Spanish-English translation for: [fig.]
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English-Spanish Dictionary: [fig.]

devastated [also fig.]
destrozado {adj} {past-p} [también fig.]
heated [also fig.]
acalorado {adj} {past-p} [también fig.]
heretical [also fig.]
herético {adj} [también fig.]relig.
malleable [also fig.]
maleable {adj} [también fig.]
parallel [also fig.]
paralelo {adj} [también fig.]mat.
perverse [also fig.]
perverso {adj} [también fig.]
rabid [also fig.]
rabioso {adj} [también fig.]VetMed.
sickening [also fig.]
vomitivo {adj} [también fig.]
unreachable [also fig.]
inalcanzable {adj} [también fig.]
to applaud sb./sth. [fig.] [show approval of]
aclamar a-algn/algo
to boil [also fig.]
bullir [hervir, cocer] [también fig.]
to dominate sth. [fig.] [e.g. statue in a room]
presidir algo [fig.] [dominar]
to embody sth. [fig.] [personify an idea]
encarnar algo
to fetter sb./sth. [also fig.]
encadenar a-algn/algo [también fig.]
to forge sth. [also fig.]
forjar algo [también fig.]
to germinate [also fig.]
germinar [también fig.]bot.
to hone sth. [fig.] [refine]
afinar algo
to petrify sb./sth. [people : fig.]
petrificar a-algn/algo [personas : fig.]
to pulverize sth. [fig.] [beat severely]
moler algo
to score [coll.] [fig.] [buy drugs from a dealer]
capear [col.] [fig.]
to stand sb. [fig.] [endure, tolerate, bear]
soportar a algn [fig.]
to sweeten sth. [also fig.]
edulcorar algo [también fig.]
to unmask sb./sth. [also fig.]
desenmascarar a-algn/algo [también fig.]
bloodbath [fig.]
baño {m} de sangre [fig.]
bloodsucker [pej.] [fig.]
sanguijuela {f} [pey.] [fig.] [col.]
fire [conflagration, passion] [also fig.]
incendio {m} [también fig.]
friction [also fig.]
fricción {f} [también fig.]fís.tec.
gall [fig.] [effrontery]
morro {m} [esp.] [col.] [desfachatez]
harbinger [fig.] [indicator of things to come]
presagio {m}
headache [fig.] [annoying problem]
quebradero {m} de cabeza [col.]
lair [also fig.]
guarida {f} [también fig.]zool.
magic [fig.] [in a performance] [heightened state of emotion and expression when performing something, often connected with flamenco]
duende {m}baile
manhood [masculinity] [also fig: male genitals]
hombría {f}
martyr [also fig.]
mártir {m} [también fig.]relig.
martyr [female] [also fig.]
mártir {f} [también fig.]relig.
nucleus [also fig.]
núcleo {m} [también fig.]biol.fís.
pigsty [also fig.]
pocilga {f} [también fig.]
portrait [also fig.]
retrato {m} [también fig.]artefoto.
purification [also fig.]
purificación {f} [tambien fig.]
puzzle [fig.]
puzle {m} [fig.]
pygmy [fig.] [dwarf]
enano {m}
source [also fig.]
fuente {f} [principio, origen] [tambien fig.]
trademark [fig.]
distintivo {m}
vermin {pl} [fig.] [people] [pej.]
chusma {f} [pey.] [gente soez]
whiff [fig.] [trace of sth.]
indicio {m}
to be brewing [fig.] [coll.]
cocerse [col.] [fig.]
to be gobsmacked [coll.] [fig.]
quedarse de piedra [col.] [fig.]
to bow out [also fig.]
to chew sb. out [Am.] [coll.] [fig.]
regañar a algn a base de bien [col.] [fig.]
to cross swords [fig.]
quebrar lanzas [fig.]
to dive in [also fig.]
zambullirse [también fig.]
to fall apart [fig.] [coll.] [collapse emotionally]
venirse abajo [fig.] [col.] [colapsarse emocionalmente]
to plunge in [also fig.]
zambullirse [también fig.]
to plunge sb./sth. into sth. [also fig.]
sumir a-algn/algo en algo [también fig.]
dress rehearsal [also fig.]
ensayo {m} general [también fig.]cineteatro
ivory tower [fig.]
torre {f} de marfil [fig.]
melting pot [fig.]
crisol {m} [fig.]
hit or miss [fig.]
a la buena de Dios {adv} [loc.]
in layman's terms [fig.]
en cristiano {adv} [col.]
What a pain! [fig.]
¡Pues vaya lata!
with flying colors [fig.] [Am.]
a banderas desplegadas {adv} [fig.]
to be a chicken [fig.] [coward]
ser un gallina [fig.] [cobarde]
to be at stake [fig.]
estar en juego [fig.]
to be hopping mad [coll.] [fig.]
estar hecho un ají [col.] [fig.]
to give birth to sth. [also fig.]
alumbrar a algo [también fig.] [parir]
to hit the mark [fig.]
dar en el blanco [fig.]
to root sth. out completely [also fig.]
arrancar algo de raíz [tambien fig.]
to tighten one's belt [fig.]
apretarse el cinturón [fig.]
to turn sth. upside-down [also fig.]
poner algo patas arriba [col.] [tambien fig.]
He's a sports fiend. [coll.] [fig.]
Es una fiera para el deporte. [col.] [fig.]
It just slipped out. [coll.] [fig.] [I didn't meant to say that.]
Lo dijo de labios para fuera. [col.] [fig.]
to be bitter and twisted [coll.] [fig.]
caer chinche [col.] [fig.] [sur.]ind
to cry one's eyes out [coll.] [fig.]
llorar a moco tendido [col.] [fig.]
to get into a mess [fig.]
meterse en líos [fig.]
to get to the point [fig.]
ir al grano [fig.]
to go beyond the pale [fig.]
pasarse de la raya [fig.]
to have an eagle eye [fig.]
tener vista de lince [fig.]
to keep one's eyes peeled [fig.] [coll.]
pelar el ojo [fig.] [col.]
to let down one's guard [fig.]
abandonar la vigilancia
to make its home in sth. [also fig.]
anidar en algo [también fig.]
to pick up the thread [fig.]
retomar el hilo [fig.]
to put sth. in a nutshell [fig.]
decir algo con gran concisión
about as much good as a chocolate teapot [coll.] [fig.]
como las tetas del toro {adj} [col.] [fig.]
as thick as two short planks [coll.] [fig.] [unintelligent]
tonto de remate {adj} [col.] [fig.]
at the drop of a hat [fig.]
en seguida {adv}
at the end of the day [fig.] [when all is said and done]
a fin de cuentas {adv} [fig.]
at the top of one's lungs [fig.] [very loudly]
a grito pelado {adv} [fig.]
I've made a contribution to the party. [fig.]
He aportado algo a la fiesta. [fig.]
It wasn't completely above board. [fig.]
No todo era trigo limpio. [fig.]
sick to death of it [fig.]
harto [cansado con disgusto]
That's a thorn in my flesh. [fig.]
Es una espina que tengo clavada. [fig.]
the tip of the iceberg [fig.]
la punta del iceberg [fig.]loc.
Your words were no more than empty promises. [fig.]
Tus palabras fueron papel mojado. [fig.]
to air one's dirty linen in public [fig.] [to discuss private or embarrassing matters in public]
sacar a relucir los trapos sucios en público [fig.] [discutir asuntos privados o vergonzosos en público]loc.
to be a piece of cake [coll.] [fig.] [very easy]
ser pan comido [col.] [fig.]
to be fit as a fiddle [coll.] [fig.]
estar más sano que una pera [col.] [fig.]
to be light-years apart on an issue [fig.]
estar a años luz en un asunto [fig.]
to be pushing up (the) daisies [fig.]
criar malvas [fig.]loc.
to count one's chickens before they hatch [fig.] [idiom]
cantar victoria [fig.] [locución] [dar por ganado]
to not be on the ball [fig.]
no dar pie con bola [fig.]
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